Jan 25

We are always looking for artistic individuals beyond the mainstream. We’ve found that the most rare and special ones come straight from referrals. That’s why we’ve created this submission space.

What we offer

We are looking for the most interesting musicians, actors, writers, drag-queens, bars, ice cream trucks, acrobats, festivals, make up artists, models, scientists, programmers etc, etc, etc! Everything goes just as long as they are sweating mojo and you think it is time for them or You to get some extra recognition. 

Once something catches our eye, we put all of ever growing Rocky powers to work and depending on the type of the submission we will try to schedule an interview, a high-end photoshoot, an online review, a visit to your establishment, a clothing sponsorship, some connections between other protagonists of the Underground or any other magic trick we can come up to give your submitted project a helping hand. The least you can expect by successfully submitting this form is a real personalized response about how we are gonna proceed about your project. 

What we ask from you

In order to keep the lights on and the engine running so we can continue to un-officially sponsor the Underground, our business relies on a combination of selling Merch and Ad space, we invest the majority of our income on improving and finding new ways to make this so call underworld stand out, that’s why we require you to buy at least one item of our shop before submitting your project (***Extra points if you make a post on Instagram about it). Simply fill the form on its entirety, add your order number to it, click send and Boom! we should be all on business. Welcome to Rocky Records.

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