The flag of Rock n Roll has never fallen but the son of a bitch definitely has some war wounds.

Despite major industry efforts to trump up and dumb down the universal musical taste of the masses it is heartening to see that 4 female badass Sister Saviors have arrived to buck the system on their own plugged in fuzzed out 70s crazy train.

They are an Australian quartet of dark Prog metal called Stonefield. And they play with all of the tender danger of a velvet gloved metal fist. Beautiful, talented and calculated you get the idea they are more than a band.

Their sound is like strapping two beat up Fender Amps to the sides of your face, flipping on the lava lamp, and stepping on five distortion pedals in perfect time. It’s dangerous, soulful, sexy and mysterious. The way Rock is meant to be.

Adding even more their universal mystique is the fact that they all are Sisters from Australia. Amy (drums & lead vocals), Sarah (keyboards & vocals), Holly(bass), and Hanna (lead guitar & vocals) Findlay, are small town gals from a traditional place outside of Melbourne.

They have 3 albums out and their latest, “Far From Earth” released earlier this year is more “metal” and prog than the rest for sure. Heavy drums, low bass riffs and airy synth-ed out vocals carry you to their mysterious psychedelic projection land and back.

The first track off of their new album, Far From Earth, is articulated with deep bell tolls and power chords, and leads with the lyrics:

“Feed the honey

To her body


Is so lonely

When it’s only


You’re gonna need half a brain to listen to Stonefield is what I am saying, and maybe even an imagination.

These deep tracks do not go out to:

“All the single ladies. All the single ladies.

All the single ladies. All the single ladies


It is actually music. The good kind.

My brain goes to narrative places when I listen to music. I direct the band through some trope-y music video in my head featuring the band’s members in feats of isolation, debauchery, or heroism…But with Stonefield I see a bouge-y dark sexy veiled 70’s British basement club draped in velvet and smoke.  Essentially the Beautiful Underground embodied in a band.

It’s the type of groove that stops you in front of a club draws you in and makes you fall in love with the foursome. In fact I found Stonefield on an Instagram video on a friend’s story. I watched a few times over. Looked up the club they were at, looked at the band schedule, and found my new favorite act.

They are currently on tour Internationally after building a good amount of Buzz in LA. And if you get the chance to see them, do. Knock the dust off of some denim, throw on that Black Sabbath ringer tee and take yourself to the past with a band that we are excited to see save the future of Rock and Roll low ceiling bar by low ceiling bar. And fuzzed out chord by fuzzed out chord.