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Our resident man on the scene @wideopenfastglass shot the Horrorpops, The Quakes, and Franks and Deans show at The Nile Theater.

The beer soaked show was sold out in the main room, which meant that mother fucker was packed. PBRs, high hair, and cuffed jeans abound.

Franks and Deans opened and were tons of fun. Having been plucked from their weekly residency at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas ( you can read our review of the New York Double Down Saloon HERE. ) you totally could see how their show translated perfectly to a bar where the motto is “SHUT UP AND DRINK.”

The Quakes followed and seemed to have a timeless quality to them. The show could have been in a 1950’s mechanic shop or there in Mesa, AZ present day. The band actually quipped that they were from Phoenix, AZ themselves.

The Horrorpops headlined and brought the house. There wasn’t an inch to spare on the standing room only floor and the crowd sang along with every electric swing boogie woogie rhythm and blues song. 

The show, like all shows at The Nile ripped. 

Check the bands Spotifys Below: