From the first drumroll and guitar hook off of Doll Skin’s album Manic Pixie Dream Girl you get the idea Doll Skin doesn’t take sh*t from anybody.

This youth fueled Punk Rock girl gang is here for World Domination, but more importantly Vocalist Sydney Dolezal, guitarist Alex Snowden, bassist Nicole Rich, and drummer Meghan Herring are here to get you in their glittered covered mosh pit.

I speak a lot about the community and the acceptance within the Punk community.

Within it there is an undeniable call to action, mixed with a feeling that we are uniquely who we are, here and now, and that means something to us. 

This attitude plays throughout Doll Skin’s albums and is the life blood of their performances. By watching and listening to the band you can’t get any closer to an in-your-face Punk crystallization of the Zeitgeist of the youth today.

It is no coincidence they are still cooling their heels coming off of the Vans Warped Tour this past Summer where we got the overwhelming feeling that because of this group that “the kids are alright”. With only one of the members over the age 20 they scream potential and rep the essence of the scene. 

Their music is hard and their on stage presence insane.

Lead singer, Doleza wears a pink jump suit with no sleeves, a giant Baphomet patch on the back and a matching patch with a heart enclosing “fuck off” in it’s center below a studded belt.

The entire girl gang looks like the wrong side of the tracks in just the right sort of way. The rest of the band marches side by side, not in tow, letting you know that Doll Skin is here to stay.

The girls met at Phoenix School of Rock in 2013 where  Megadeth bassist, David Ellefson saw them and took them under his Metal wing, booking them on some West coast dates. He produced the 2015 release of the EP In Your Face and their first full-length, 2016’s IN YOUR FACE (AGAIN).

They have made the Billboard’s Top 40 Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and are looking at 2019 with no intentions of quitting their International take over.

Light that rose bouquet on fire, dye your hair bright blue, turn on Doll Skin and get in the glittered covered pit Darlings. Your Punk soul will be glad you did. 

Huge thanks to who provided the pics for this article from this past Summer when the Gals were on Warped at a stop in Hartford, CT.

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