The song is great man. The press release says Photograph is a song about “love, addiction and the strength in taking the power back.” 

Can you go a little more in depth for our audience? 

As a man who has faced many demons, from powders to sin & the heart… “Photograph” is an autobiographical tale of the lies and darkness of love between two people suffering from something more powerful than their force of will. The refrain is a mantra of the words I wish I could have had many years before I did.

Writing a song is truly making something out of nothing. When did Photograph come to you? And how?

”Photograph” was one of those songs that manifested itself. It came pouring out, in a fashion that couldn’t be constrained. The riff literally wrote itself in moments, and the lyrics came in a flash while listening to a recording of the riff, driving by the reservoir at dusk.

Photograph is a bit more polished in composition. It has the Dirty Cakes feeling all over it but is a bit more melodic. 

Can you speak to how it is different from what you have wrote before and how it is an evolution for the band?

Thank you so much! It’s great to evolve as an entity, and for me, what was a step forward for Photograph was that it was written around a melody rather than a rhythm. So often we have written around the vibe of the room, the heartbeat being what is built from… whereas “Photograph” was effectively written backwards from our usual method. And it felt great!

Can you talk about the music video for Photograph? It is really great.

Paul Boyd! Two simple words really… the man is brilliant, we had fun, and it was a blessing to have that opportunity!

Anything else you want the World to know about? (Except “fuck Trump” of course)

Register to Vote… Get a Gun… Learn How to Use It… Wear a Mask… and Chocolate can solve just about any problem, sleep can solve 90% of everything else.

Thanks Dirty Cakes. We admire your fight and the constant vigilance. Talk soon!