Where are you located?

NYC baby!

What do you do?

We bang our heads and make sweet music for your ears.

Why do you do it?

Music is our soulmate.

Where did your name come from?

We never agree on anything. We wrote a song called “Tequila Shark” and one of us said that should be our band name, but we all liked the word “Desert” and you know, sharks in a desert…it made sense.

Your sound is catchy & melodic, self proclaimed “driving garage rock” but has an underlying menace. Like the songs feel a bit dangerous. Where does this come from? 

We all grew up listening to heavier music, and as we’ve developed our sound it’s felt pretty natural to express ourselves drawing from those roots and get a little bit darker.

Our new album, “Baby’s Gold Death Stadium” certainly reflects that, and our newer material feels even heavier! Bandcamp recently dubbed us as “gloom punk.” We’ll take it!

Can you talk about your influences and your music?

Some of the bands that deeply influenced “Baby’s Gold Death Stadium” are Veruca Salt, L7, Toadies, Sleater-Kinney, and more. We love heavy riffs laced with melody. Individually we listen to everything – punk, hip hop, doom metal, pop, you name it.

Soooooo, forgive us if this is too forward but… there has to be droves of Brooklyn fuck boys flocking after each gig. Do you just know every secret exit in every Williamsburg venue by now?

That is hilarious! Honestly, I think we scare off the fuck boys. We usually either get old dudes or young girls coming up to us at shows. But that’s cool too.

We love NYC. And lived in Brooklyn when it was still a little rough around the edges. We were watching the Sorceress music video and were like “Holy shit, that’s Lorimer” Can you talk about Brooklyn and how it’s constantly changing nature has influenced the band and your music?

We love NYC too! The Brooklyn music scene has been integral to the development of our musicianship and sound.

We even named our album after a bunch of the venues that helped us do that – Baby’s (Baby’s All Right), Gold (Rose Gold, Gold Sounds), Death (Death by Audio), Stadium (Shea Stadium). A lot of the DIY spaces we started at are gone now, but that spirit lives on, and we’re seeing new spaces pop up all the time.

It’s a lot of work living in New York paying rent with day jobs and doing a second job of making music. Everyone is hustling. It’s gritty and tough, but we love it and wouldn’t change a thing.

Speaking of the Sorceress music video, you all look like you are having a blast, yet the music is totally on the dark side. Can you talk about the music video?

Around the time we were writing that song, I mentioned I had grey hair growing in and that I couldn’t wait for my whole head to be grey so I could look like a sorceress. Lyrically, I took that theme and used it to explore personal power, aging, reconnecting to nature – things of that witchy nature.

When it came time to think about the music video, we went back to where it started and used grey wigs. The concept is that we are running around NYC turning other people into sorceresses, and have a huge blowout party of grey-haired badasses at the end.

Best Underground/unknown hang spot you have been to (NYC or anywhere else)?

Pet Rescue (that’s where we shot the “Sorceress” video!), Econolodge, Trans Pecos, The Bronze, The Willow, and every sweaty basement and house we’ve played at on tour.

Any advice for the The Underground or our audience (we classify the Underground as the counter culture, the unknown scenes around the World and rising uber talented personalities)?

If you’re using a shared bathroom at a practice space, LOCK THE DOOR. Also, keep on keepin ‘on.

Who are you listening to right now?

Stephanie: PJ Harvey, French Vanilla, Dry Cleaning, and a lot of 60’s and 70’s music.

Sunny: I’ve been listening to a lot of local bands because I miss going to shows. Specifically Kissed By An Animal, Sammi Lanzetta, Bethlehem Steel, and Verdigrls.

Rebecca: Vanessa Silberman, Top Nachos, New Myths, Shadow Monster, Bleached, The Paranoyds, FIDLAR, Summer Cannibals.

What are you currently working on or anything else you want people to know about?

Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we do have some things we’re working on. New songs, future tours, compilations, etc. Follow us and we’ll keep you posted!

Where can people find your work?
Our music is on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. and you can also check it out at desertsharks.bandcamp.com

Instagram: @desertsharks

Twitter: @desert_sharks

Facebook: @desertsharks

Photos in article by:

Jessica Gurewitz

Kiki Vassilakis

Shawn Cuni