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Nothing can quite prepare you for eating an entire plate of delicious BBQ wrapped in a flour tortilla… or a Festival that champions the three things that make Metro PHX go round and round: Burritos, Lucha Libre, and music.

Crescent Ballroom locked down 2nd Avenue in Downtown Metro Phoenix and offered a 4 stage stage music festival with over 25 bands and a Lucha Ring in the middle of 2nd Ave. 

I went to the Festival curious to see a burrito, well, fly and of course to see oiled up men in masks grapple in the “squared circle”. 

Each stage offered a different “type” of music. I was drawn to and enjoyed the indie slated bands that played on The Asada Stage parked up against a graffitied wall surrounded by chain link. It felt like a secret back lot show. Perfect.

The other stages were named in accord: The Nopales Stage featuring more moody dark wave synth punk-y fair making you swear the Cure themselves were lamenting under the Phoenix sky.

The Crescent Stage was inside Crescent Ballroom itself and featured more electronic music. Solo acts or duos filling the room with emotional dance music.

The Sonoran Stage featured bands such as Jerusafunk and Calexico (performing Flying Burrito Bros & Gram Parsons) . So everything from fun funk to Southern singer songwriters. 

The logistics were on lock and even the “long lines” at the most popular food trucks moved quickly. Variety was everywhere even if you weren’t hot on traditional burritos with over 50 different kinds.

The drinks were numerous and equally available making sure the crowd was well lubricated for the headliners of each stage. 

High points of the day for me were discovering Strange Lot, Illuminati Hotties & Breakup Shoes. 

With Lucha matches every hour on the hour from 5-9pm the Festival was bad ass and worth every penny of the 21 bucks at the door.