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Rocky presents one of the London Underground: Rock Photographer and UK Designer – Andreia Lemos

Where are you located?

London, UK most of the time.

What do you do?

Photography, some design, and as of recently videos as well!

Why do you do it?

It started as a way to feel less alone when I first moved to London. I didn’t know anyone in the city so my way to be around people was to go to gigs. After a while I started to notice the photographers shooting at them and decided to give it a go too. It allowed me to take a souvenir from my night back home with me, which I loved, and it gradually became a routine I couldn’t live without! I’ve been into photography ever since I was little – just hadn’t realized the potential of doing it as a career till coming to London.

What was your motivation for starting a fan forward YouTube Channel helping people shoot better photos? The content on there is really really great. Can you talk about it?

That’s so nice of you, thank you so much! I started it because it was something I really wish I could have had access to back when I was starting out (or even now too). I used to feel so lost as to how people actually did gig photography: how to gain access to gigs, how to find your style, how to shoot in the dark etc etc. And I never really found anyone who consistently posted about it and told their story for us to learn and relate to (and on the rare occasion I did, it was usually guys talking about it). I thought it could be cool to add my narrative onto the platform as a girl too – and try and motivate and offer advice when I can! It’s all really small still, but I can already start feeling a sense of community growing around it and I love it!!! 

Best Underground hang spot you have been to or best Underground story?

Other people’s houses after gigs maybe? Can’t tell!

Any advice for the The Underground?

Mind the gap – sometimes they’re huge!

What are you currently working on?

 A few things. I just finished working on my cover for Pond, which I implemented some colour into. I think its something that I might try to keep exploring moving forward – sometimes I miss colour!

 And where can people find your work?



Her YouTube Channel is here: