Where are you located?

I am currently living between Los Angeles, CA and Portland, Oregon

What do you do?

I am a singer, songwriter, musician, and artist.

Why do you do it?

Because I am afraid if I don’t I will evaporate. 

Who are you listening to right now?

“I’ve Cried” by The Jahmels 

Can you talk a bit about The Archer music video? We are pretty fascinated by it. It is heavy, nostalgic but dream-y as well. What was your inspiration and motivation for the video?

I directed the video with my best friend Alexandria Saleem. We shot the film on my Super 8 camera in Port Townsend, Washington, I was drawn to the concept of shooting in front of a lighthouse because I was very lost and confused at that time in my life, and I used the video for “The Archer” to express those feeling.

Also, your aesthetic/visual sensibility works in concert with your music. Where does this come from?

It comes from my brain, I draw inspiration from characters in film, books, and other women in my life. I’ve always been a visual artist as well as a musician, and building and refining my identity through music and art has developed naturally through time.

Can you talk about your paintings?
Of course. I started painting when I was 12, and have taken painting and drawing classes throughout my life since then. I paint with oil on canvas, mostly portraits. When I am painting I feel like I am truly myself, unfortunately I am just not that great at it so music is a great way to utilize small parts of my painting without starving to death.

Best Underground/unknown hang spot you have been to or best Underground story?

When I was in Russia in 2017, I met a group of french people who took me to some lowly bar in Moscow. When We entered, a man took us through a door into a back room full of bean bags and no other furniture, there were people smoking inside and sitting on rugs.Then someone grabbed me and took me through another door, and in a tiny alley way there was a rave going on jammed packed with people, confetti was falling from the sky somehow and I took a handful from the ground and put it in my purse as a memento.

Any advice for the The Underground or our audience (we classify the Underground as the counter culture, the unknown scenes around the World and rising uber talented personalities) ?

Don’t go on instagram.

What are you currently working on or anything else you want people to know about?
I am releasing my second LP “The Archer” January 10th, 2020.

Where can people find your work?