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There is a place in Charleston that is a f*cking slice of Dive Bar Heaven.

You wanna know how I know Darlings? Because not only did I get tore up in there but…The Griffon is the bar where the servers, bartenders and restaurant staff from the surrounding Charleston area drink after their restaurant shifts… And that my friends is how you know you have found the best bar in town. 

The sign outside boasts English style pub type vibes. But once through the door you will find no pomp and circumstance. Marked up and stapled dollar bills cover the entire inside (including the stag hung on the wall). And even though the place oozes character the bar is clean and cool.

A Ramones-esque logo with a Griffon toasting a tankard of booze boasting the phrase “Unapologetically Awesome” is printed on a mirror framed with more dollar bills.  Heavy dark wooden booths, tables and chairs nest themselves against the old brick walls that match the surrounding moss laden spooky but cool vibe of the Vendue Range area the bar finds itself in. 

I have been to a ton of dives, it’s kinda like my thing, but what makes or breaks a place is the staff and safe to say that our bartender that night was incredible. The right amount of dubious Southern Charm and a need to share some Southern hospitality, Jeff was possibly the best bartender we have ever had. 

After a few rounds and some history on the place, (everyone in Charleston is Charleston’s biggest fan btw and all are willing to drop knowledge on the place)  Jeff hooked us up with some Grand Marnier shots. 

He also turned us onto the combo of Stiegl Grapfruit Radler with a shot of Deep Eddys Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka in it. That drink was dangerously delicious and the most refreshing thing I had had in a while.

You can tell the place cares about what beers they have on draft and it also keeps them affordable. The Griffon is the kind of place where you get your tab and you think “no way the total is that LOW.”  Cheap good drinks, an awesome staff, and one of a kind character. The place rules. 

I don’t only suggest The Griffon if you find yourself in Charleston, I say it is a must on your list of to-dos.